The Terminal Tool

Model TT5000

DieSets for the Terminal Tool and JetSettTM Technology


You want quality - here it is.  AISI 6150 high alloy steel heat treated to RC30 for toughness and durability.  Guide rods are seamless 304 stainless steel; springs are nickle plated, and retaining screws are 318 stainless.  Laser etched markings are permanent.  This is US steel, and US labor.  We back what we build 100% with NO exceptions.

Dieset Design

Diesets for the Terminal Tool are designed to work with all types of metallic wire terminals. Each dieset works within a range, above and below, the standard American Wire Gage (AWG) sizes.

The dieset's working range is designed to “overlap” the sizes above and below it. This means that the AWG-2 dieset can compress a terminal down to a size that would also be compatible with the largest size the AWG-4 dieset could accept, and so on. With this design feature, the Terminal Tool is capable of working with any size ferrule from the smallest AWG-6 up to and including the large AWG-0 or “Ott” size. Therefore, you'll never get caught in-between sizes.

JetSettTM Patented Shrinking Technology

Terminal Tool diesets actually shrink the terminal ferrule to a near circular cross sectional shape to make the connection. This unique patented process is called JetSettTM, and yields several important advantages over conventional “crimping” tools:

  • Very high physical security. The connected terminal is held in circular tension, so there's no “weak point” where the terminal could “unbend” and fail.

  • No voids or gaps inside the terminal ferrule. The TT5000 can compress a terminal so tightly that a near-solid state exists inside the ferrule. Such a connection provides no point of entry for liquids or gasses, making it much more resistant to corrosion.

  • Pressure inside the terminal is consistent across its cross-section, due to it's near-circular finished shape. All wiring is held with equivalent security and there's no distress to wiring inside.

  • No sharp bending, collapsing, or weakening of the terminal walls which compromises the strength of the connection. Terminal wall thickness actually grows when JetSettTM is at work. This significantly adds to the strength of the connected ferrule.

  • Ability to finish a connection based on pressure rather than a simple pre-set geometric limit. When used with a torque wrench, the Terminal Tool can complete connections on a pressure limit over and over again.

  • Finally, THE BEST LOOKING WIRE CONNECTION POSSIBLE TODAY. Appearance matters, so get the best!

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