The Terminal Tool

Model TT5000

About Intelligent Design Group

Incorporated in 2001, IDG Inc is a new company with an unwavering focus on integrity, quality and value.

The TT5000 tool is a product brought to you by a carefully selected team of US manufacturers*.

The TT5000 Manufacturing Team

WL Investment Castings, Inc.

With nearly 20 years experience in the investment casting industry, WL Castings is a "quality first" family owned and operated company that stands behind their product.   WL Castings makes the Terminal Tool's frame and die set castings while holding surface finish quality and dimensional tolerance to the highest levels anywhere in the industry.  WL Castings has been instrumental in helping bring this product to market - from the start they've worked with us on every detail of making the high quality castings used in this unique tool.  They're located in Louisville, KY.

WB Jones Spring Company

Established in 1913, WB Jones is a company with a 90-year history of manufacturing high quality springs.  The springs used in our die sets are specially engineered and manufactured by WB Jones.  WB Jones is located in Wilder, KY.

Wildman Manufacturing

In business since 1949, and located right here in OKC OK, Wildman Mfg is a high-tech CNC manufacturing facility.  Using some of the latest multi-axis CNC equipment, Wildman Mfg does much of the high tolerance machining on the TT5000 components. 

ITW Bee Leitzke

Since 1929, ITW Bee Leitzke has been providing quality components for a wide range of industries, including power transmission and motion control.  ITW makes the guide rods for each die set.  They're located in Iron Ridge, WI.

BodyCote Thermal Processing

The Bodycote company has a fascinating history dating back to 1923 in Leicester England.  Today, Bodycote is a worldwide leader in high performance thermal processing.  Bodycote operates a very modern thermal processing plant here in OKC where the TT5000 frames and diesets are through-hardened and quality tested.

Precision Metalforming Inc.

In business since 1982, Precision Metalforming now occupies two buildings with over 12,000 square feet of manufacturing space in OKC, OK.  Along with CNC wire forming, Precision Metalforming operates a million dollar state of the art powdercoating line.  The TT5000's frames are coated with a custom mixed Agean Blue texture powdercoat finish.

Bennett Decal and Label

Family owned and operated, Bennett's Decal and Label is the kind of business that exudes quality, integrity, and value.  Since WWII (1945), the market has rewarded Bennett's ability to produce the highest quality product at prices that are competitive anywhere in the world.  We're proud to have this long-standing company on our team.  Bennett's Decal and Label is located in OKC, OK.

Love Box Company, Oklahoma City

Love Box Company is one of the nation's largest independently owned corrugated box manufacturing companies. Founded in 1923 by Walter L. Love, over 70 years of experience has firmly established Love Box in the packaging industry. They have manufacturing plants and sales offices strategically located throughout the Midwest in seven states.  Love Box makes the custom cardboard box we use to ship the TT5000 to our customers.

IDG Manufacturing

Last but not least, Intelligent Design Group performs several manufacturing sub-processes and final assembly of the Terminal Tool and related components.  Each and every part and assembly is carefully inspected to assure our quality guarantee.  We're located in Yukon, OK about 20 miles west of OKC.

* Yea-Lin Industries Co, Ltd.

Yea-Lin makes the custom blow-molded plastic case for the TT5000.  They're the only non-US vendor we use for any single component of our product.  (Please note the TT5000 tool itself is 100% US made)  Yea-Lin Industries operates 5 different plants in southern China with a wide array of manufacturing capabilities.  We think they do a nice job on the box, and have been very responsive to our design needs.

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